2009 31 May

Brown took Faber out with a lighting fast and brutal forearm to grab the WEC Lightweight title, but this month’s return matchup will truly tell the tale.

Faber was made to wear the belt, and if he can avoid the kind of mistake that cost him his title last time around – and I think he can – he could make it a near-permanent part of his wardrobe of bling.

It’s a home game, so look to Faber to come out thirsty for blood…

Rankings brown_hammers_faber
FEATHERWEIGHT – 145 pounds

1. Mike Brown
2. Urijah Faber
3. Jeff Curran
4. Jose Aldo
5. Rafael Assuncao
6. Akitoshi Tamura
7. Hideki Kadowaki
8. Hatsu Hioki
9. Wagnney Fabiano
10. “Lion” Takeshi Inoue

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