2009 31 May

Put Dana White’s carping and whining aside. Write off the opinion of any fan who says Silva is too careful and won’t put up a fight.

They’re all just plain wrong.

Silva has sublime skills, awesome striking power, his defense is next to none and he knows how to win. You can’t ask more of a champion than that. If his opponents are committed to fighting careful, counter-striking fights and keep their distance, that is not a failure in Silva’s game and it’s a smart strategy. It makes for ugly fights, but Silva is too experience and too smart to make a rookie mistake.

Silva needs only to do what it is he does best – win. You stay at the top by winning, not looking good on the highlight reels. If for one moment you believe Silva would be on the UFC roster after a three-fight losing streak, you my friend are way, way out there.

Rankings anderson-silva-middleweight-belt
MIDDLEWEIGHT – 185 pounds

1. Anderson Silva
2. Dan Henderson
3. Robbie Lawler
4. Jorge Santiago
5. Nathan Marquardt
6. Yushin Okami
7. Gegard Mousasi
8. Vitor Belfort
9. Kazuo Misaki
10. Yoshihiro Akiyama

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