2009 9 Jul

These Promotions Need You But Only If You’re A Badass Looking for A Fight To Launch Your Career in MMA

bloodygloveThe guys at MMARecruiter.com are dedicated to finding professional and amateur MMA fighters venues to showcase their talents.

They list a ton of promotions all around the country who are looking for combatants, and if you ever want to make the big time, this sure seems like a good place to start.

If you do happen to find a fight through this page, please let us know how it went and make sure to tell ‘em you found the Path to Glory through squabbles.com.

Check this list and contact them if you’re looking for a fight.

MMA Fight Cards and Promotions Looking For Fighters:

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46 Responses to “Are You A Pro or Amateur MMA Fighter – Find Fights Here”

  1. mike says:

    hello im an amateur fighter looking for 2 more amateur fights before i got pro. I am 18-3. i can fight anywhere in the near by states oklahoma,texas,missouri and arkansas. my number is 870 602 0382


  2. spencer says:

    hey im an amateur fighter trying to find a fight somewhere around febuary 2011 around the michigan area if anybody knows anything please contact me at (256) 589-2157

  3. Hey im moving to las vegas in april 2011 and i was looking for an mma fight around september or october in las vegas so i could test the waters. im a superheavyweight. my record is 5-5. my kickboxing record is 1-0-1. my grappling record is 0-1. i am the bad boys promotions superheavyweight champion. im just looking to expand my career in mma. my contact info is: 865-318-8633

  4. cassie crisano says:

    hi i am a amateur female fighter looking to make my debut.. i am 5 10 155lb strong wresting background… i live in maryland but i am willing to travel out of state…. i have been training hardcore for the past 6 mo// took a leave of absence from work to follow this dream… you will not be dissapointed.. pleas email me at ccrisano@Yahoo.com if you want a REAL female mma fight…..

  5. Wyatt Larew says:

    Last night this guy named Zack Nier or some shit said he was a professional MMA fighter he weighs more than me lol anyways daddy beat his fucking ass if that is how pro fighters roll sign me up lol:)

  6. my name is Steve swanson i have a pro record of 3-0 and looking to fight late aug at 135. please contact me at 760-898-3026

  7. tony lee says:

    hi name tony lee i need to fight more i love to fight is what i got put hear to do i fight at 70_80 kg i have gd stand up not bad ground i have a record of 19 win 2 lost 1 draw 11 kos looking to go again seein if anyone can help me thanks

  8. George Cisnero says:

    145 lbs 0-1 in first am fight was fighting at 170 and now wanna make a come back at 145 email me please with any info

  9. Ryan Slay says:

    Two figter,both amateur
    Columbus, GA
    Willing to go out of state, hate GA rules!

    Ryan-no record, walking at 140, can go up or down
    20 years of experience in combative tae kwon do, hapkido,judo, silat. Primarily a kicker and puncher, but ground game is solid as well. Training daily and teaching daily. Eagar to fight.

    James Stuart- record 1-0, Guillotine Choke at XXF 3 (2006) in Columbus GA. Sanctioned event. Waking at 180, can go up or down.
    Trained by Ryan. Same on all else.

  10. dale andrew manring says:

    looking for an amatuer mma fight againt someone who would also be making their mma debut. i have a strong wrestling background. i currently train at ring work in panama city,fl. i can fight anwhere from 135lbs-155lbs. right now i am 5’6 160lbs. im willing to travel to fight anywhere on the east coast. please contact me at 850-960-2001

  11. Kerry Cato says:

    hey I’m an eager fighter! my father trained me in tai qwon do, i learned some muy thai and i love to take it to the mat as well. 5’7 walk around at 180 but can drop down if needed. I’m starving for a break and need to find somewhere to cut loose! no fight record as no opponents to run through, i’m in south Ga and i love the sight of blood!need a fight in Ga!!! MINE OR THEIRS IT DOESN’T MATTER!! kerrycato911@myspace.com (912)-258-4467

  12. Brandon says:

    My name is Brandon, I am looking for my first fight. I am 5’7” could fight at 135 or 145. I am a high-level BJJ blue belt. I trained at American Top Team in Orlando for a while and I am currently training out of Force Fitness in Cocoa Beach with Boxing Coach Andy Rivera from Lynn, MA and BJJ coach Rogerio “Tatu” Taborda. You can view pictures and videos of my training at http://www.racetothecage.com. You can also contact me there as well.

  13. Chris Braden says:

    Hey im moving to las vegas in april 2011 and i was looking for an mma fight around september or october in las vegas so i could test the waters. im a superheavyweight. my record is 5-5. my kickboxing record is 1-0-1. my grappling record is 0-1. i am the bad boys promotions superheavyweight champion. im just looking to expand my career in mma. my contact info is: 865-318-8633

  14. danny p says:

    I’m 5’8 130lbs I been training for a while and been looking for a fight for my amature debut I want to fight someone else fighting for their first time if you have a fight for me call me asap 551-795-2165

  15. jose castaneda says:

    Looking for my first mma fight! Im in las vegas 5’9″ 185-190 lbs. Please let me know anyone!!!

  16. gambit says:

    I am looking for my first amateur fight in 135 i am in California and am willing to travel so if you need a fighter i am looking for my first shot so please email me at draven.ak@hotmail.com

  17. "Jessie" says:

    Male 5?10? 145-155lbs w/ 2-0 record (both by submission), Looking for an event to fit me in. BJJ background with good wrestling and striking. Any area within 3 hours of Memphis,TN. Amateur or Professional, exciting fight assured, more experienced opponents welcomed.
    Thank You,
    “Jessie” James Wallace

    Please e-mail – gainess@kbdgroupusa.com

  18. Tony says:

    Looking for amateur fights anywhere on the southwest. I have been training eight months in jiu jitsu, two months in mma and muay thai. I weight 170 and can fight at 155 and 160, but would prefer 160 for my first fight, and also an opponent with their first or second fight at well.

  19. Tony says:

    Hey, Mitch Zofka, would you will be willing to possibly fight at 160? Where do you live?

  20. Tony says:

    Hey, I’ve been training out here in Vegas for eight months now, looking to have my first amateur fight with someone else who is having their first as well. There are some promotions down here we can do it in or I’d be willing to go to a surrounding state such as Arizona, Utah, or some others. I walk around at 173 and can fight at 155 at the lowest. If anyone is interested email me at tony4287@yahoo.com

  21. Mitch Zofka says:

    I am an amateur fighter who just started training MMA. 165 lbs 5’10. Trained Tae Kwon Do for 8 years. Would love to fight.

  22. Jesse Schutter says:

    My name is Jesse Schutter, I don’t have a fancy nickname and I’ve never fought in a ring before officially. I live in Downriver Detroit, MI and I am looking to make my amateur debut. I have been training for about six months now and I think I am ready looking for fights close to me for now. Anyone who needs an amateur fighter i walk around at 157 but i am willing to drop or gain weight please contact me at Jesseschutter@yahoo.com thanks

  23. Ben Brown says:

    Also have fights you can check out on you tube, email is bbrwn84@aim.com

  24. Ben Brown says:

    Looking to make pro debut at 135 lbs. Have an amateur record of 5-0. I achieved All State status wrestling in Missouri and currently hold a blue belt in BJJ.

  25. Rob browning says:

    My name is rob “the heartthrob” browning! I was recently on season 9 the ultimate fighter looking for some fights in January and febuary. I am currently 135-145. 1-1 pro record. Call 1-859-317-1666

  26. zach sneddon says:

    looking to make my debut at 205 or anywhere around that my record is o-o and i have been training for roughly a year and am read for a fight

  27. zach says:

    looking to make my amateur debut at 185 lbs. i’ve been training for about 6 months in ju jitsu and kickboxing. contact me at 606-541-1704 or bamboarder@hotmail.com –looking to fight in southern ohio or northern ky

  28. Matt The Terror Bunch says:

    Contact me at matt-bunch@hotmail.com or 865-585-4549

  29. Matt The Terror Bunch says:

    Im looking for any fights ammy or pro. Iv got eleven years experience in Ishinryu and BJJ, I love to fight and will at any offers.

  30. jody says:

    need ammy fighters for nov 21 in irving ny contact tcwent@yahoo.com asap if interested

  31. rick says:

    Im back again i am looking for amateur fights in the southeast united states.. I fight heavyweight most of the time and sometimes super heavyweight so let me know. I train 6 days a week and have been doing so for about 4-5 months so if you have anything email me @ richard.w.gould@us.army.mil or call me @ 404-408-7645. STRIKE HARD!!!!

  32. Chris Gehringer says:

    jody if your ever looking for any ammys around the north east us are give me a call 760-500-4392

  33. jody says:

    need any ammys in pa or ny or cleveland ohio looking for fight nov 7th in irving ny also need 205 pro and pro heavy weight for that day contact jody 585 307 4645 asap

  34. jody says:

    looking for pro 170 pro 205 ammy super heavy for event in irving ny on nov7th if intersed contact jody at 585 307 4645 asap

  35. Doug Mann says:

    My name is Doug Mann and I am looking for my MMA Debut. I Wrestled Varsity from 7th grade till 11th grade and was out with an injury my senior year. Been competeing in submission grappling for 4 years with a record of 27-6 at 185 pounds. Can fight 185 or 205. Let me know. Email:dmann@mail.niagara.edu

  36. Chris Gehringer says:

    Amateur 155lb looking for a fight i will give you finished fights amazing ground work i trained with the Marine corps Martial arts school for 3 years and im pretty much and all around freestyle fighter just looking for that one oppurtunity to get in the cage give me a call 760-500-4392

  37. Joe says:

    I fight at 135lb and looking to make my professional mma debut. I’ve been doing karate and mma for a very long time and am anxious to make my mark in the professional mma world. i have an amateur record of 1-0 and would like a fair first professional test. email me if interested, thanks.



  38. Rick Gould says:

    I am trying to get a restart in MMA I havent fought in 3 years. I have been training religiously every day if you are looking for someone to fill for a fight in Georgia in December or January let me know my cell is 404-408-7645. I fight at around 205 alot but I also fight at 225.

  39. Tony says:

    Matt Horwich, GIve me a call. I am promoting a fight in St.Louis MO, and I am very familiar with who you are.


  40. Ben Bragg says:

    Steve Blackman (The Lethal Weapon) Former WWF Wrestler is Unleashing the 1st MMA event in Harrisburg,PA @ the Zembo Shrine. This venue will attract over 2000 MMA fans!!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking for 1 More pro fight at 205lb.Contact ASAP!If intrested

  41. Devon Jones says:

    I am an amatuer fighter in 135′s my record 0-0 in mma fighting. I took 3 years boxing my record is 3-0. I have also trained in ju jitsu mauy thai and ground and pound. I was scheduled to fight in november 2008 with mike camp as my fight coordnatior but the opponent was over weight. I am very interested in fighting asap so if you could contact me I would appreiciate it. Thank You!
    Devon Jones

    My contact # 330-646-6628

  42. Mark Smith says:

    Ive been training about a year and a half and looking to make ameature debut at 135 excelent stand up and ground and pound good subs from the bottom. i live in tennessee so looking to fight here virgina or north carolina

  43. Matt Horwich says:

    I am a pro. vet of IFL and UFC with a record of 23-13-1. Google and youtube me! I am looking for a fight asap. Please email or call at 503-307-2153. Thanks alot and god bless.

  44. Ryan MacDhubhain says:

    ooh and my email is ryanmacdhubhain@yahoo.com

  45. Ryan MacDhubhain says:

    Bantam Weight Gracie Fighter looking for amatuer debut or pro debut whichever you can offer… 5 years experience in standup K1 / muay thai … blue belt under carlson gracie JR… u want fights finished please contact me, i train religiously and am ready to finish your 135ers..

  46. Matt McOmie says:

    Hey if anyone needs a 185 pouder for a fight in wyoming let me know. I am 6-4 as an amatuer. I would love to fight. Email me mmcomie@gmail.com please I want to fight let me know. Thanks

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