2011 17 Feb

The UFC is not the only MMA organization using a promotion on Facebook to attract fans. In lieu of its March 5thevent in Columbus, Ohio, Strikeforce is using its Facebook page to conduct a contest for young women who aspire to be a Strikeforce Ring Girl.

Facebook users that “Like” the Strikeforce fan page can vote for young women that upload videos stating why they would make the best “Ring Girl.” Contestants must be 21 years or older.

The winner will receive roundtrip airfare, hotel and represent Strikeforce at the Arnold Sports Festival. They will also be a Strikeforce Ring Girl on March 5th.

Payout Perspective:

It’s nice to see Strikeforce using its Facebook page to promote its upcoming event. This contest should garner a lot of “Likes” for the obvious reasons. Driving fans to its Facebook page is becoming a key component in promoting an event. As we’ve written about, this card is important for Strikeforce as it takes the UFC’s place at the Arnold Sports Festival.