Aggression Assessment Overview 



What's the Aggression Assessment?

We created the Aggression Assessment to remove the confusing word "bullying" and identify the specific aggressive behaviors that are troubling students. You'll see exactly where your students are strong and weak (socially and emotionally).

Additionally, we "red-flag" students with mental health risks, including those that may harm themselves or others. This allows you to intervene before a tragedy strikes.



  • Age-appropriate assessment for elementary, middle, and high school measuring socio-emotional resilience in 10 categories
  • Pre & Post Assessment to measure the effectiveness of programming
  • Resilience score & grade for each student
  • Teacher Facilitation Guide & Demo Assessment
  • School-branded assessment portal
  • Easy-to-understand reports: district results, results per school, results per student
  • Mental Health Questions: This measures emotional regulation (including potential depression and coping skills) as well as risk-levels for for harming self or harming others.  (optional)
  • Presentation for Administration & School Counselors


$1,000 per Assessment
Separate assessments are required for elementary (grades 3-5) & Middle/High School (grades 6-12).

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