Bring SQUABBLES to Your School in 2020/2021

We've created an unprecedented opportunity to help your school with social and emotional learning during these difficult times.

SQUABBLES 2020/2021 Program Options

Bring SQUABBLES® to your school and let us help with social and emotional learning. Our fun curriculum and presenters will help boost you resilience and resolve conflicts, on-campus and online.


  • Individual Classroom Curriculum for each staff member
    1 year license
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  • On-Demand Staff Training
    1 year subscription
  • SQUABBLES® Game Plan
    (Intervention Tool)
  • 2 tickets to our certification course
    ($1,000 value)
  • On-demand parent training course to send to your parents
    ($1000 value)
  • Up to 3 LIVE virtual school assembly presentations with one of our speakers*
    ($4,000 value)


  • Pre/Post Effectiveness Surveys
  • Q&A Call with School Admin & Counselors
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  • Up to 6 LIVE virtual school assembly presentations with one of our speakers to be split among schools*
  • Evening Staff/Parent LIVE virtual training event


Pre/Post Effectiveness Surveys

Q&A Call with School Admin & Counselors

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"I have seen every other program designed to stop bullying, but SQUABBLES is the only one that works!"

P. Fremont
District Superintendent

"This program has removed teachers from being placed in the middle of students’ problems, no longer forcing teachers to choose who is right or wrong. Squabbles has helped students regain control of bullying situations and, in turn, increase their self-esteem."

C. Truit

"I recommend this program for any educator working with children elementary age and up."

J. Goodman
School Counselor

Your School's Game Plan for Aggression

Easy as 1-2-3!


We produce 5 minute educational videos that teach students how to manage emotions and solve social problems.


Each lesson comes with downloadable listening handouts and discussion guides to ensure the student understands.


Bring the education to life with our fun and engaging activity guides that make each lesson interactive and unforgettable.

A deeper look inside

Reduce aggression and build emotionally resilient kids. 


A noisy quarrel about something petty or trivial.

 Finally, a fun and effective solution to aggression that doesn't make things worse!

SQUABBLES is reforming the anti-bullying industry by providing psychologically sound education techniques that build up the emotional resilience of children, expand their frustration tolerance, and empower them with resolution skills to solve their social problems.

SQUABBLES is a research-informed social and emotional learning program that cures the "bully-fatigue" in your school's staff. It's fun and easy to implement. We take a playful approach to solving a painful problem.

The Meanness Matrix. 

Teach students how to give up the unhelpful word "bullying" and use specific words to describe the unwanted behavior. This step alone curbs the vast majority of issues between students, parents, and educators.

The Emoji Meter

Teach students how to regulate their emotions by asking three strategic questions that will help them change their perspective about the unwanted behavior.

The Aggression Trifecta

Teach students how to quickly and effortlessly identify WHY someone is being mean to them and formulate a response to stop the unwanted behavior.

What Does the Classroom Curriculum Include?

1. Training For Educators

School teachers and home educators are perfectly positioned to teach students how to regulate their emotions and solve their social problems. Our educator training is fun, easy to remember, and highly effective. You will LOVE our techniques for managing aggression. 

Here's what you get...

  • Video training to Rethink Bullying
  • Video training on how to intervene when aggression occurs
  • Teacher guides for each lesson
  • Posters to reinforce conflict resolution strategies

2. Training For Students

I know it's hard for teachers to pretend to be experts in aggression. Let Brooks take the pressure off you and utilize his gifts to engage your students through fun and dynamic videos. You can simply press play and then use the teacher guides that go with each lesson for memorable classroom moments. 

Here's what you get...

  • A library of videos covering topics such as resilience, the Golden Rule, verbal insults, physical aggression, fear/intimidation, social exclusion, rumors, and so much more.
  • Age-appropriate videos for lower grades (elementary) & upper grades (middle/high).
  • Discussion guides for each lesson
  • Activity guides for each lesson

3. Certification Program

Administrators and school counselors are often expected to be the "resident experts" for solving social and emotional problems.

Here's what you get...

  • 2 tickets to our virtual certification course that happens twice a year. ($1,000 value)
  • 2 Continuing Education Units per ticket (worth 10 contact hours)
  • Additional tickets are $500 each.

Meet our Speakers & Contributing Authors

Award-winning line-up of social and emotional learning experts. 

Brooks Gibbs, Ph.D. 

Brooks Gibbs, Ph.D. is a school psychologist, sociologist, and resilience educator. He is a popular youth speaker who's presented over 2,500 speeches. His viral videos have been translated into 20 languages and amassed nearly 300 million views. He specializes in teaching youth how to be emotionally resilient and inspires them to live by the Golden Rule.

Jeff Veley 

Jeff Veley is part entertainer, part mental health professional.  He travels the globe presenting social and emotional learning strategies to kids and grownups.  His fun presentations inspire students to be resilient – teaching them how to leverage their adversities for psychological growth. He's trained over 1 million people and has earned two international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution.

Chris Scheufele

Teacher of the Year Chris “Shoof” Scheufele is a popular speaker and instructor.  He’s been dubbed "a comedian with a license to teach". With more than a decade in the classroom, Chris has developed clever interventions that resolve conflicts instantly and promote a culture of resilience.  He makes social-emotional learning fun!

If you've made it this far then you must still have some questions...

  • Who is this for? Schools that are seeking a fun and empowering approach to the following:  social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, resilience education, and bullying prevention. 
  • Why SQUABBLES?  SQUABBLES brings a playful approach to a painful problem.  Through games and award-winning presentations, our team of experts engage students, staff, and parents while teaching strategies that resolve conflicts quickly and easily.  
  • How does it work? You'll receive instant access upon purchasing our curriculum.  If you choose to work with our team, we will contact you to schedule your presentations and calls.  Additionally, you'll have access to additional digital resources.
  • How do we pay? We are no stranger to the processes of purchase orders, invoices and the like.  You'll still receive access to the program while our team works with yours to get all of the financial details ironed out.  We are able to accept card payments and electronic transfers as well.  
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