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SQUABBLES® Certification Event


One-on-one and small group strategies
for Mental Health Professionals

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Identify Aggression

A psychological approach and proven framework for "bullying".

Manage Emotions

Help kids learn how to regulate, cope, and build resilience.

Resolve Social Conflicts

A simple solution to conflict resolution and empowerment.

One-On-One (Tier 3) and Small Group (Tier 2) Interventions

SQUABBLES® is changing how kids manage aggression and resolve conflicts.


Schools use SQUABBLES®

3 Million+

Trained in-person

300 Million+

Trained online

If you are a...

Social Worker
Behavioral Interventionist
Residential Care Staff
Youth Treatment Specialist

The old-school "anti-bullying approach" to resolving social aggression has only made things worse.

If you've been looking for a simple way to help kids resolve conflicts and grow in resilience, you're in the right place.

SQUABBLES® was founded by three practitioners in the education and mental health fields that were sick of referee-ing conflicts and focused on empowering kids to solve social problems. SQUABBLES® is the program behind the most viral videos on bullying prevention.

More than ever, our society needs to improve mental health and increase resiliency.

That's where you come in...

This interactive virtual conference will equip you with everything that you need to reduce aggression and raise resilience, with measurable results. Our simple and fun system framework makes it easy and fun! You'll leave with practical one-on-one intensive (Tier 3) and small group (Tier 2) intervention strategies.

As part of your training, you'll watch as a practitioner works one-on-one with a child and his parent, helping them move from a state of crisis to peace and empowerment. Throughout this process, you'll see every facet of the SQUABBLES® system modeled. It's a fascinating case study that made the headlines.

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What to Expect

An Engaging & Interactive Experience

Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to engaging and experiential learning!

We use the latest technology to provide an innovative environment where you can collaborate with like-minded professionals and world class experts.

Proven Game Plan & Intervention Toolkit

Adopt our proven strategies and further customize techniques to meet your needs. This is your game plan for aggression!

We're also giving you our toolkit with custom assessments, games, and other intervention resources.

Easy Access from Anywhere

No travel expenses, long flights, or time away from your family.

Join us virtually from the comfort of your home or office. We're coming to you, wherever you are! 

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Jacquelyn Van Orden

"I’ve never been that engaged on a ZOOM meeting!  We felt like we were watching a TV show. The time flew by and we left wanting more. I’ve been a part of many virtual trainings and I’ve never felt that way before. It was unbelievable!"

Learn the Best Ways to:


Dealing with aggression doesn't have to be difficult. You'll learn how to efficiently evaluate to mean behavior:

-   Identify the four types of aggression without getting hung up on confusing and overused terms like "bullying" and "harassment".

-   Quickly discover what happened and the motivation behind the mean behavior.

-   Assess what level of intervention and support is needed.

-   Discern unhealthy thought patterns behind emotional pain.


Learn effective one-on-one and small group intervention strategies, using our proven psychological framework:

-   How to help youth understand and learn to regulate emotions.

-   Ways to improve mental health and reduce behavioral challenges.

-   How to work with youth of varying risk levels including those that may harm themselves or others.

-   How to easily educate and equip frustrated parents.


Finally, we will show you how to integrate everything that you learned so that you can put it into practice right away:

-   Collaborate with professionals who are transforming lives, through resilience education.

-   Equip kids with the social and emotional skills needed to solve their own social problems (with minimal ongoing intervention).

-   Map out a game plan for aggression for your specific role, with a detailed plan of action.

⭐️ PLUS... learn how to skyrocket the success of every kid that you coach or counsel.

Here's Exactly What's Included...

You're getting:

  • 💻 Live 3-day Conference

  • 📖 Certification Manual & Workbook

  •  ✅ SQUABBLES® 3-Step Conflict Resolution System

  •  👩‍🎓Certificate of Completion
    Up to 14 hours of Continuing Education Units

  • 👨‍🏫 Strategy Sessions with Like-Minded Professionals

  • 💡 Live Question & Answer

  • 🎁... and a few surprises 😉

Plus, one year of access to our certification resources: *

  • 📋 Youth Resilience Test
    A risk assessment, factoring in parent & teacher feedback

  • 🎯 Game Plan Intervention Tool
    For ongoing 1:1 coaching/counseling

  • 🎭 Intervention Games
    The role-playing games behind the viral videos

  • 🏅"SQUABBLES® Certified Badge
    Add to your emails, newsletters, website, LinkedIn, and resume

*Ongoing access requires annual recertification

 Investment: Only $497

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What Others Are Saying...

Dr. Brian Hazeltine

"I've spent my career researching anti-bullying programs and never found one that offered a solution. This does! It’s the most practical and helpful that I've encountered."

Chaleigh Clark
School Counselor

"My kids, Pre-K through 12, have picked It up so quickly. It makes so much sense to them."

Andrea Korreck

“This is, by far, the simplest and most common-sense approach (to bullying) that I’ve ever heard.”

Dr. Partick Rieker
Clinical Psychologist

"It was the best bullying presentation that I've ever seen. It takes a very empowering approach that teaches kids what to do. You'll learn very practical skills that you can use immediately. I can't wait to get back to work. This gets my full endorsement."

Gary Watson

"I was able to put these teachings into play right away. One of my clients was having trouble with bullying and severe depression. After practicing the skills, he has stopped cutting, reports feeling much better, and has noted a significant decrease in bullying."

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Meet Your Host

Jeff Veley

Jeff Veley

Jeff is a youth treatment specialist and education consultant who has reached over 1 million people with a message of resilience. His efforts have been honored with international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution and bullying prevention. He is recognized as a Peace Ambassador by the United Nations.

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