Reduce Aggression & Raise Resilience with measurable results

SQUABBLES® provides schools with research-based 3rd through 12th grade curriculum and professional development services.


Schools use SQUABBLES®

3 million+

Trained In-Person

300 million+

Trained Online

A Multi-Tiered Solution for Conflict Resolution

Rethink bullying! SQUABBLES® brings a playful approach to a painful problem.

We help kids (and grownups) learn how to identify aggression, manage emotions, and resolve social conflicts. Transform school culture through empowering education!

Tier 3: 

Intervention strategies & tools for counselors and specialized educators. Taught via our Certification Training (live event & online course).

Tier 2: SQUABBLES® Circle

Small group resources for school counselors and other mental health professionals. Taught via our live Certification Event (spring 2024). 

Tier 1: Schoolwide Survey & SQUABBLES® TV

Measure aggression and resilience within your school. Then, improve culture via our professional development training, our classroom curriculum, and other comprehensive program options.

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