"We teach students how to manage their emotions,
solve their social problems, and become emotionally resilient.
Our playful approach to a painful problem gets results.

Brooks Gibbs, PhD

SQUABBLES TV Student Curriculum

School-wide access to our library of mental health videos. Perfect for the classroom.

Includes 1-Year Access to:

  • Growing Library of Video Lessons (3rd-12th Grades)

  • On-Demand School Assembly

  • Parent Orientation Training

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School-Wide Training Package

Empower your entire school community with our emotional regulation and conflict resolution system.

Includes 1-Year Access to:

  • Aggression Assessment (measure every student's resilience & mental health - up to 1,000 students)
  • SQUABBLES TV Student Curriculum License
  • Professional Development Training
  • Certification Training for Counselors & Specialists
  • Parent Orientation & Resources
  • On-Demand School Assembly
  • Poster Pack (Print-Ready PDF’s)
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Our Comprehensive School Program

We are your Game Plan for Aggression


We start by assessing every student and providing a clear report for your school. Our Aggression Assessment identifies where your school (and each individual student) is socially and emotionally, providing a resilience score.

We can also measure risk levels for depression, harm to self, and harm to others. This data helps apply SQUABBLES' techniques to your greatest areas of need and celebrate where you're already winning!


We help your school rethink "bullying", replacing this abstract and emotionally-charged word with clearer language and a psychological mindset for aggression. Our playful approach to this painful problem makes it easy to get buy-in from your school community.

We include specific training and resources for students (grades 3-12), parents, educators, counselors, and school administrators.


Our Aggression Assessment tool "red-flags" students that are in need of immediate mental health and behavioral intervention. Additionally, we train both grownups and students how to manage emotions and resolve conflicts, simply and easily.

Our intervention games make it easy to empower any student through play. We provide specific resources for teachers and school counselors that yield results quickly.

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SQUABBLES Virtual Package


  • 1 Virtual School Assembly Presentation*
  • Pre-Recorded Parent Training
  • Promotional Materials



Most Popular

  • 1 Virtual School Assembly Presentation*
  • Pre-Recorded Parent Training
  • Promotional Materials
  • SQUABBLES TV School-Wide License**



  • Up To 3 Virtual School Assembly Presentations*
  • Live Virtual Parent Training Event
  • Promotional Materials
  • SQUABBLES TV PLUS School-Wide License**
  • 2 Tickets To Our Virtual Certification Conference
  • Pre/Post Effectiveness Survey

*$500 for additional virtual school assembly
**Individual account (a value of $188 per) for every student, parent, and teacher in the school that purchased a school assembly.