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How to Find Grants and Seek Financial Support for Programming

Funding for SQUABBLES® School Program

Are you interested in SQUABBLES but need additional funding? Below is a list of funding sources and tips to help you navigate this.

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Understanding ESSA Funds

The "Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a federal fund that provides support for social and emotional learning as well as overall mental health.

Specifically, ESSA funds SEL initiatives through Title I, Title II, and Title IV funding. Title IV includes supports for comprehensive educational programs, which can encompass SEL programs, like SQUABBLES®.

Steps to Secure Funding

Step 1

Assess your needs.*

Describe needs using keywords.

Step 2

Search for funds that match your identified keywords.

(Federal, state, grants, foundations, and local businesses)

Step 3

Write your proposal.

Highlight your needs, program effectiveness, and the opportunity that you are pursuing.

* 📋 SQUABBLES' Schoolwide Survey is the perfect way to assess your needs related to aggression, resilience, and mental health.

Since this is a pre/post survey, you can use it to measure your needs before applying for funding and after, to demonstrate growth and secure the next year of financial support.

🤔 What Should a Funding Proposal Contain?

Comprehensive initiatives like SQUABBLES' Schoolwide Implementation Program may be more likely to be approved for funding than stand-alone trainings, events, or curriculum.

It demonstrates your commitment to consistently integrate and implement a comprehensive solution to the problems you're facing versus a "one-and-done" or "ala carte" approach. This can really help you stand out from other applicants, especially since you're able to demonstrate effectiveness, each year.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person making the funding decision...
If you had to choose between an organization with a 3-year comprehensive plan directed by a certified implementation specialist or  a one-off event with no follow-up, who you be more likely to support?


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Government Funding

Title I, Title II, & Title IV

Dept. of Education (PDF)

County & State Health Departments for Suicide Prevention

Grant Engines & Other Resources

Move this World (SEL Grants)

Better Kids (Post-COVID SEL funds)

Aperture Education (SEL Keywords & Tips)