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SQUABBLESŽ helps schools reduce aggression and raise resilience, with measurable results. 

This spring, you can bring our award-winning message to your school in-person (USA only) or virtually (worldwide). We offer engaging elementary, middle, and high school assemblies for grades 3-12.

Students will learn how to:

  • Identify aggression (and rethink "bullying")
  • Manage emotions (cope and build resilience)
  • Resolve social conflicts (simply & easily)



3 million+

Trained In-Person

300 million+

Trained Online

In-Person Presentations

Bring a certified presenter to your campus.

No two assemblies are the same, as your students help craft the hilarious conflicts that happen live onstage. 

Since our presenters can offer up 4 presentations per day, it's possible to reach several schools in your district. You can also opt to reach students during the daytime and train grownups after school.

 You'll quickly see why this assembly is the top-requested and rated in the country for rethinking bullying and empowering students to resolve simple squabbles.


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Virtual School Assembly

With on-demand resources for Parents, Teachers, & Counselors

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Virtual Presentations

Broadcasting LIVE from our studio to your classrooms!

Your students will be talking about this event all year long! This is NOT another boring ZOOM lesson. We stream from professional broadcast studios and every student stays engaged. 

Through the power of interactive technology, every student can participate in the assembly. All they need is their cell phone or a school-issued device. They'll be able to vote, share reactions, and even join our presenters live on-screen. It's the perfect balance of entertainment and education.

Watch as a large group (i.e. auditorium) or broadcast to individual classrooms so that teachers can better facilitate discussions. 

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A library featuring of 100+ video lessons plus resilience-building games, activities, and engaging discussion guides.

Teachers love how easy and fun it is to use! Lessons can be facilitated in 5-45 minutes, to fit your busy schedule. SQUABBLESÂŽ has been called "Netflix for social and emotional learning".

Professional Development Course

Our 2-hour on-demand training is packed with practical intervention strategies to manage aggression on the classroom level, avoiding unnecessary escalations. This training receives the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry and includes games, posters, and activities.

Orientation for Parents

Give your parents the resilience-building strategies they desperately need. We'll help them rethink bullying and craft a game plan for aggression to empower their students at home and school. Simply send them a link to our on-demand training. 

SQUABBLES Game Show was a huge hit with the students and provided the "buy-in" we needed for parents and staff to approach bullying prevention from a more rational perspective.


Dr. Del Barrio
Garner Middle School, Vice Principal

In-Person Investment


  • Up to 4 presentations (45 mins each) or 1 full day (6 hr staff training)
  • All Travel Expenses
  • Event Planning Call
  • Promotional Materials

⭐️ PLUS All Programs Listed Above



Virtual Investment


  • Up to 4 presentations (45 mins each) or 1 full day (6 hr staff training)
  • Secured streaming platform 
  • Event Planning Call
  • Promotional Materials

⭐️ PLUS All Programs Listed Above



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