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We turned social skills training into a game, and kids absolutely LOVE IT!!! SQUABBLES takes a playful approach to dealing with a painful problem.

SQUABBLES is an entertaining conflict resolution system for parents and educators. We have created:
  • The SQUABBLES Card Game
  • Online Training Program for Parents, Students, & Educators
  • Facilitator Certification Program
  • On Demand School Assembly Broadcast
  • National School Assembly Tour
This is a game-changing solution to conflict on-campus & online.

Now Available For Purchase!

Choose from the following three options. You can buy the card game, the student training program, or the grownup training program.

Student Program


This 24-part video training called SQUABBLES In The Movies uses the movies that kids love to illustrate our conflict resolution strategies at work.

Also included is a discussion and activity guide that grownups can use to ensure the student comprehends and is able to practice the lessons learned.


Grownup Program + Student Program


Get the student training, and the grownup training program!

This three-hour training program teaches grownups how to intentionally build up the emotional resilience of the students they love.

We have included our downloadable SQUABBLES® Game Plan.  This is a super fun intervention tool grownups use when helping a student process acts of aggression and strategize a response to the aggressor.

We have gamified the intervention process to minimize the tears and maximize the learning.


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